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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our rules are VERY important to us. There are only 3 rules you need to be aware of right now.

#1: Please watch this video all the way through if you can so you will understand our system, however a 3 minute video can be found here.

#2: There is roughly a 50% chance based on talent that you will make it on the team. To submit, subscribe below for $1. After 5 days, if you are accepted, then you will be charged $19.99 per month starting after the 5 day submission period if approved. If your beats don’t make the cut, you will be given instructions on the other side on how to cancel before you’re charged.

#3: You must submit your music immediately after payment. Information on how to do this is on the other side.

$1 submission fee, after 5 days it’s $19.99 monthly
(pending your approval, of course)


Additional information link < --
Click that link to see a live demonstration video as well as a video demonstrating what this looks like from the rapper’s perspective.



The Short 3 Minute Explanation




Ali Boi of Real Talk says:
“Oh my GOD. I was already impressed halfway through. Once I read #7
I was and am AMAZED right now at that still. I know I can pick a lot
of them out from other sites. Definitely some dope SoundClick guys
that don’t get the exposure they need.”

Sean Ali of Blitz Beats & Beat Selling Squad
“Dope idea here.”

Tone Jonez of
“Dope stuff bro!!!”

Karlo, CEO of Atomic Beats:
“All questions are solid but unnecessary. Big names (like AtomicBeats)
are already there. Cos even if site will not succeed (doubtfully)
“big” guys realise you have to get on this asap. Same happen with
soundclick, on top are mostly guys that started there “early” Also
to make it even more “attractive” we are open for collabs with every-
body on B4L (espec guitarists – cos yeah thats our “thing” lol)”

Rachel Reese:
“SH*T even the idea of having plus memberships so you pay 50 bucks a
month and can also sell your merchandise or have “signed artists”
under you kind of thing. f&ck kyle you stumbled on gold here for real”

Vince Esquire:
“I see this as being a good promo tool for someone like myself who has
just launched their own beat store and who wants to get more traffic.
no matter what the music is always gonna be first priority and will
speak for itself if it’s real enough. $20 a month is scraps compared
to what the exposure could bring if your beats knock hard enough.”

Sentury Status:
“I can tell you this , a year or so ago , i was trying to figure out
how to get some money for x mas , then got a call from kyle saying
he had sold $3200 in beats for me . I co sign kyle 100%”

Carl tha Wolf:
“Kyle has done so much for me in the past helping me out this is
pure genius I’m def signing up”

Christian Dohl:
“Man Man Man! Have I just gotten better NOW! F*ck me sideways! This
opportunity is Huge!!!!!!!!!! Do you think I would be good enough
with my beats to signing up to your community? D*mn, this one is hot!”

Just a few testimonials. =)

***P.S. When we have reached out maximum capacity of 250-500 members on Beats4Legends, we vow to create a SECOND website for beat sellers with the exact same business model! Why? So it NEVER gets saturated. We can handle up to 1,000,000 producers on board if we make 1,000 websites over time, all with separate email lists to keep them sustainable. So you don’t EVER need to worry about your beats getting less of a spotlight. DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE YET?!?!

P.P.S. In roughly 3-4 weeks, we are coming out with a website with similar features for RAPPERS instead of producers!!!! So stay tuned.

P.PP..S. Can You Say Segmentation? We Will Segment Different Pop Ups/Lists in the Future by Genres, etc, and We Make it Our GOAL to Keep Saturation Down through the Entire Process of Building Up! I vow to keep saturation as LOW as POSSIBLE by continually updating our service, our rules and our methods =)

DISCLAIMER: We have done our best to illustrate the services and products featured on this website with utmost honesty. However we can not determine your personal results since lots of factors come into play, such as the quality of your beats, the quality of the producers you send our way, and other factors. We believe this can be the BIGGEST thing to hit the music industry in years. But these are opinions, not guarantees. We are not affiliated with or The information on this page and within these videos are made to, for the best of our ability, show our data in a way that is not misleading. However we cannot guarantee personal results of any kind, nor can we guarantee that we are not misunderstanding our data, or that perhaps you aren’t.