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Before you contact us, please read our F.A.Q. below

Question: How long does it take to deliver my beats and contract?
Answer: Our service is 100% automated, meaning that as soon as your payment has been processed you will receive your beat. Email delivery is instant though it may take several minutes to appear in your inbox.

Question: Why should I choose Beats4Legends over other companies?
Answer: What we think separates our company from others is our top notch customer service as well as professional production by producers who are already working with record labels around the world. Also delivery is instant and our bulk deal system is easy to use. Nearly all of our competitors lack the option to buy in bulk for a better price.

Question: Are you willing to do different bulk deals than the ones advertised?
Answer: If you’d like to make a bulk purchase that isn’t listed on our page, just contact us by email and let us know your proposition. If the price is fair we will work out a deal for your specific needs.

Question: Will you sign me?
Answer: We’re always accepting demos. You can send them to and we will check it out. However we are currently not looking for new artists.

Question: Why are exclusive rights so cheap?
Answer: Our company’s purpose is to provide low cost hip hop beats and rap beats to rappers, singers and artists of all kinds. Because we do our business online, we offer all of our beats at a minimum of 50% off our offline price. The beats on this page have sold for $2,000, even $5,000 each to record labels and major placements. It’s a treat to receive beats for this price, but our job is to help the online audience!

Question: Is your sites payment processor secure?
Answer: Yes. Our payments are processed on a Pay Pal secure landing page, meaning you are 100% protected by Pay Pal. The page is encrypted, safe and secure.


About Beats4Legends:

Beats4Legends is a company started in May, 2009 by Kyle “HB” Artzt with the intention of providing low budget artists with high quality hip hop production without the big price tags. HB put together a team of three producers and a couple rappers and attacked with a vengeance. Within the first month of being live, Beats4Legends had already hit the top of the charts reaching 20,000-30,000 plays a day! Soon after, plans developed for future websites.

First came the creation of, a website built by HB which teaches producers how to use the internet as a venue for selling beats. This educational site took off fast and is currently one of the leading competitors for educational products on beat selling. Soon that website will take off even further and become the lead competitor in the market! That is nearly guaranteed with HB’s drive and intelligence.

After became a sustainable full time income, was announced. Within just a few short weeks of getting started, this website came to be! As a brand new company website it’s already seen enormous success and within just a few short months it’s expected to catapult to the top charts on hundreds of Google searches.

At 20 years old and as a rapper, producer, studio engineer and internet marketer, HB has accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. Currently seeking to be a freelance PR agent and writer, HB is currently writing articles for big time magazines around the world in order to increase buzz. Expect to see much more of this kid in the future!

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Free Download Policy
Free downloads do not come with rights of any kind with the exception of those which specifically are advertised as a single "free lease" for joining the mailing list.
Michael Graef Says:

Beats4Legends is awesome in so many ways. The costumer service is top notch, and the selection is huge. After getting the beat, I was so happy to get it sent to me tracked out in high quality. B4L is where it's at! I recommend it highly.

Robin Lopez Says:

The customer service was excellent. I got my beats quick,and the whole transaction went smoothly. I got my beats in less than 24 hours [before B4L's instant delivery system].

Nappy Skilmore:

I'd really like to express that I really appreciate ya grind and swag. I copped a a lease from you and because I was a first-time buyer, you upped my limit from 5000 to 10000!! That's good business! You ain't just pitchin beats, you connecting with fellow artists. Impressive.

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